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Ladies' First
Me, weemee, default
zvi_likes_tv wrote in ao3_collections
Title of Collection: Ladies' First
Collection Name: ladies1st

Type: Challenge
Status: Open
Moderated? Yes
Fandom(s): Multi-fannish

Description: A challenge from the Ladies' Choice collection, these are stories from a woman's point of view about her first time with a particular sexual experience. First time with a person, first time in a location, first time involving a particular act, all are looked for.

Why are you promoting? To get participants. The tentative deadline is March 31.

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1. Stupid n00b question: is this challenge for new stories, or undiscovered old ones?

2. That second link is on the blink. :)

Edited at 2010-03-13 05:37 pm (UTC)

Ladies' Choice is for undiscovered old ones.

Ladies' First should be new stories.

2. Thanks for pointing that out.

Link to Ladies' Choice should be:

I assume these should be stories written new for this collection, not already existing ones?

Stories for Ladies' First should be new, yes. (Stories for Ladies' Choice can be old.)

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