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Open: Hobbit/Interspecies Slash (Lord of the Rings)
who killed amanda palmer
angstslashhope wrote in ao3_collections
Title of Collection: Hobbit/Interspecies Slash (LOTR)
Collection Name: hobbit_interspecies

Type: Collection of like works
Status: Open to all
Moderated? No
Fandom(s): Lord of the Rings

Description: A Collection for the Lord of the Rings fandom niche that loves to read and write interspecies slash involving hobbits (i.e. hobbit/elf, hobbit/man, hobbit/wizard, hobbit/dwarf, etc!).

All interspecies slash that has a hobbit in the pairing is welcome!

Why are you promoting? To encourage more people to add works.

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Due to some vagery of formatting, your name shows up as “angstslashhop” on the community's latest posts page, in my browser. Which strikes me as hilarious, although that could be the sleep deprivation talking.

HAHAAHA. That's brilliant. I don't want to fix it. Angst, slash, hop is actually an instruction, not unlike hop, skip, jump.

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