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ao3_collections's Journal

Archive of Our Own Collections Promo
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A community where you can promote the collections you've created on the Archive of Our Own.
For more information about what Collections are, including how to add stories to them, see the Collections FAQ.

Dreamwidth users may subscribe to this community as a feed: http://ao3-collections-feed.dreamwidth.org/

What's all this, then?

If you've just created a Collection on the Archive of Our Own and want to tell the world, here's the place to do it!

Posts to this community are strictly for the promotion of Collections only - no off-topic posts whatsoever, please.

Why promote your Collection?

  • Your Collection is open, and you want to tell people about it to encourage them to add their stories to it.

  • Your Collection is the vehicle for a challenge you're running, and you want people to sign up for it.

  • Your Collection is closed and/or not seeking blind submissions or participants; you're promoting to gain readership.

What are the posting guidelines and requirements?

To make sure that the readers of this community have the right information about your Collection (as whether they submit their work to it depends heavily on the above, and other factors), please use the following template when posting:

Title of Collection: The title you specified as "Display Title", eg. "Collection for Awesome Works".
Collection Name: The name you specified in "Collection Name", eg. "awesome_works"
Link: The URL of your Collection's main page.

Type: Choose as many as appropriate, or specify another of this ilk: challenge, gift exchange, fest, promptathon, big bang, bingo, collection of like works
Status: closed - no blind submissions, open - anyone can submit/participate
Moderated? yes/no
Fandom(s): Multifandom, or specify particular fandoms if it's restricted.

Description: Paste the same description here as you provided in the "Brief Description" field.

Why are you promoting? To gain more participants, to encourage people to add more works, to seek wider readership.

Please use the subject line to indicate the title of your Collection, whether it is open or closed, and the fandom(s). For example: "Open: Collection of Awesome Works (Multifandom)".

Copy and paste the template:

A tagging system will be developed once we figure out how it might work in practice. In the meantime, don't worry about tagging your entry, the mods will do so for you.

Here's an example of a post.

How often can I post?

You should not promote your Collection more than once. The exception to this is if you are running a regular challenge through your Collection; in this case you may post once per cycle.

Help & clarification

If you're unsure about any of the above, feel free to ask a question of the mod about it.

If you need help with an individual Collection, see the information on the Collection's main page in order to contact its moderator.

If you're struggling with the Collections feature itself, see the Collections FAQ.

Note: This community is not officially affiliated with or run by the OTW, but created by and for users of the Archive of Our Own.